Hi! I'm Dr.Walker.

. . . and I have a confession: I love candy. From artisanal chocolate to vending machine Mike & Ikes, I love it all. In fact, the chewier and sweeter, the better. As a dental professional I’m supposed to tell you to avoid candy at all costs, and I’m certainly not supposed to proclaim my love for the sweet stuff. But, hey, no one is perfect. And thankfully you don’t have to be perfect to have a perfect smile.

Creative portraits at Walker Ortho

Despite this candy habit, I was born to create healthy smiles. When my dad wasn’t climbing Mount Everest, he was instilling in me a hunger for adventure and the perseverance to strive for perfection. Those attributes guide me each and every day. I will scale any mountain and travel any distance to ensure that my patients have the most cutting-edge, efficient and effective treatment options available because I believe that a healthy smile can change the world.

My pursuit of greatness isn’t limited to the design of world-changing smiles. I’m a foodie and have traveled the world on a hunt for new culinary experiences. I’ve been known to visit a country just to try a restaurant’s famed ceviche. I’ve walked three miles for the perfect kimchee. These experiences fuel my creativity, inspire a deepened understanding of others, and allow me to better serve the diverse community of southwest Beaverton.

“It’s an incredible honor to serve my neighbors and the community I hold dear. I hope to see you at the coffee shop or walking the Powerline Trail!”

-Dr. Walker

When my journeys are closer to home, you’ll likely find my Italian Spinone pup, Archer, by my side. He’s the perfect experience-seeking buddy who’s always down to explore the great outdoors and accompany me in my various athletic endeavors. When we’re not on the run, Archer is equally content just hanging out while I cook or snoozing on the couch while I plan my next travel adventure.

I am proud to be one of Murrayhill’s only American Board of Orthodontics-certified practitioners. I’m personally committed to continuous improvement and ongoing education to deliver the latest life-changing treatments and technological advancements to my team, my patients and my community. But most important, the combination of these credentials, my experience and my never-ending thirst for knowledge means that you are guaranteed a higher-level patient experience; deeply connected care; more efficient, comfortable, precise and effective treatment options; and a smile you’ll love. Come see me in Murrayhill or get in touch through email or social media, and let’s kick off an adventure toward your best smile today.

Dr. Camille Walker

Meet Dr. Walker

Professional Credentials


From Washington State University (undergraduate) and University of Minnesota (doctorate in dental surgery)


In orthodontics from Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City


Of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics

Board certified

By the American Board of Orthodontics


As a general dentist and commissioned officer of the United States Navy before pursuing a specialty degree in orthodontics