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MYTHS DEBUNKED PART 1: Braces, Pain, and Pursuit of the Perfect Smile

July 19, 2018

MYTH: Braces have to be painful to work.

TRUTH: Not anymore.

The most common misconception we hear is that braces have to be painful to work. Many people who have never experienced orthodontic treatment assume that the process is painful, but those who have had braces know that is far from the truth. Many people don’t consider the major advancements in orthodontic technologies and still imagine the heavy, old-school brackets of the past.

foods to eat with bracesToday’s braces utilize lighter forces and less friction to painlessly straighten teeth in less time. With modern technologies, tools and techniques, we are able to give patients a pleasant experience with minimal discomfort. Some patients will occasionally experience a dull ache, similar to sore muscles after a workout, while others experience little or no discomfort at all.

And there are steps you can take to keep those sensitivities at bay. Make sure to stay away from hard foods, including candy, crunchy snacks, steak, and other difficult-to-chew foods. Eating soft foods for the first several days after getting braces will allow for minimal discomfort. And make sure to come see me regularly so we can make necessary adjustments to ensure your teeth are aligning as quickly and as painlessly possible.

Braces are not nearly as scary as they are made out to be in movies and T.V. How do you think your favorite movie stars got their perfect smiles? In reality, braces aren’t a big deal. They won’t be painful, they won’t set off metal detectors and they definitely won’t increase your odds of being struck by lightning. Braces have come a long way over the last couple decades and there has never been a better, less-painful time to start the process.

wearing braces and smiling confidentlyIf potential braces pain still has you running for the door, stayed tuned for our next myth on Invisalign eligibility. There are many options to choose from when pursuing a confident smile. Make sure to watch out for the next installment in Myths Debunked!


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