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Armed with deep experience and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Walker and her team work with patients to custom design treatment plans for their greatest comfort and results. With an approach that is both high-tech and high-touch, we specialize in treatments that are low-friction, low-visibility, low-radiation and low-stress. Whether your treatment involves virtually invisible aligners or low-maintenance braces, you will see Dr. Walker at every visit on your path toward a healthier smile.


Eager to fast-track your treatment plan? We’re proud to offer Propel® Orthodontics (including VPro+™) for maximum comfort, increased efficiency and beautiful results 25% to 45% faster than other options.

Traditional Metal Braces

These come to mind when you think of braces. The standard metal brackets have wires and elastic ties that have been redesigned for optimal comfort and easy cleaning. Ties come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style.

Damon® Metal Braces

While traditional braces have an elastic tie to hold the wire in place, Damon’s passive self-ligating braces feature a small door within the bracket for this purpose. This may reduce the pressure on the teeth and allow them to move more comfortably. This treatment method is smaller, more discreet and easier to clean.

Damon™ Clear Braces

Want a beautiful smile without the metal? Damon clear braces provide the same passive self-ligating design and comfort as Damon metal braces—in a more discreet style.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign leverages 3D imaging technology to create custom-made invisible and removable aligners. These are specifically designed to gradually and comfortably shift teeth into place to shape your perfect smile. What’s more, Invisalign makes cleaning a breeze. The aligners can easily be removed when it’s time to eat, brush or floss, resulting in less food restrictions during treatment. Plus, Invisalign requires fewer office visits to achieve the confident smile you deserve.

Invisalign Teen® Clear Aligners

Does your teen dream of a picture-perfect smile to carry them through their character-defining years? Invisalign Teen leverages the same cutting-edge 3D imaging technology as the original version to custom design their smile comfortably, discreetly and durably. Whether they’re posing for prom or yearbook photos, playing soccer, running cross-country or performing in the school play, Invisalign Teen allows them to feel confident and thrive during these critical life milestones.

Invisalign First® Clear Aligners

Invisalign First is specially designed for little smiles (ages 5-10) who are showing early warning signs of gum recession, crowding, crossbite, deep bite, tooth wear, protrusive front teeth, narrow dental arches, tooth impaction or another orthodontic issue. This solution actively corrects your child’s smile as they grow.