Smiles Change Lives


Smiles Change Lives Partnership Helps Children in Need

Walker Orthodontics has teamed up with Smiles Change Lives (SCL) to provide orthodontic treatment to children who need braces but can’t afford them.

Founded in 1997, SCL has partnered with caring orthodontists like Dr. Walker to provide pro bono orthodontic treatment to children. Over the years, more than 1,500 children have been helped. Without SCL, most of these children would not have received the treatment they needed. Getting treatment often helps alleviate the social, physical, and emotional difficulties children face from having dental deformities.

patient oliver with bracesOur first SCL patient, Oliver, wrote Dr. Walker a heart-felt letter saying, “I’ve been extremely self-conscious of my teeth as to where keeping my mouth closed would be second nature. Now thanks to Dr. Walker and Smiles Change Lives, I’ve been blessed with the greatest gift of all – a nice smile. After graduating high school, I plan to join the marines and serve the nation as a way to help others the same way I have been helped.”

“I truly believe that a confident smile affects a child’s future relationships, education, and job opportunities. I became an orthodontist because I wanted to help people. Walker Orthodontics partnered with Smiles Change Lives to help kids in our community who may not otherwise have the opportunity to LOVE their smile.” – Dr. Walker.

smiles-change-lives-patient-stanleySince launching our participation with this wonderful program, we have had the chance to meet and help several children. Stanley is one of the great kids we’ve had the privilege to help.

Walker Orthodontics began providing braces for kids who qualify through SCL in January 2017. We are excited to continue to help children in our community for many years to come! To learn more about SCL, please visit

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