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Dr. Walker Featured in Murrayhill Living Magazine

Murrayhill Living Magazine

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Murrayhill’s Dr. Walker began her orthodontic journey in grade 3, when she started making her own “retainers” out of paper clips and gum. She didn’t need a retainer but wished with all her heart she could wear one. Later, as a high school senior in rural Washington, her interest in orthodontics returned and she set her sights on becoming an orthodontist one day.

After attending college and dental school, Dr. Walker served as an officer and dentist in the United States Navy. Fourteen years after her high school graduation, Dr. Walker completed her post graduate program in Orthodontics in New York City. It was a long but worthwhile pursuit. Living in the Big Apple was exciting, but she missed her family and the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest.

Returning Home

Dr. Walker searched for a community to call home, and the wonderful Murrayhill neighborhood of Beaverton was a perfect fit. Dr. Walker purchased her orthodontic practice from a retiring orthodontist and Walker Orthodontics was born. She loves being a member of such a vibrant community, and decided to live in the neighborhood as well. Dr. Walker creates confident, beautiful smiles for patients ages seven to 81. The opportunity to help people in a community that she calls home fulfilled a lifelong dream.